Coconut Oil (168g) by Kokoso Baby


100% natural Premium Organic infant skincare! Perfect for Baby and Mama!

Keep delicate baby skin beautifully moisturised and super soft with Kokoso Baby's premium organic coconut oil. Full of nourishing natural nutrients and skin-loving fatty acids.  This fantastic multipurpose moisturiser is an essential for baby’s skincare regime and is safe from day 1 (skin patch test recommended).


Use as a moisturiser, nappy balm, massage oil and so much more

Suitable for sensitive skin and eczema-prone skin

Baby-safe, recyclable, BPA-free packaging

Ethically-produced, cruelty-free, zero nasty chemicals

Note: Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil melts to a liquid at temperatures above 24 degrees. Please store out of direct sunlight and away from warm radiators or in the fridge!